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OUVERTÜRE 17. LA Guitarra esencial Festival Millstatt

Millstatt am See


17th La Guitarra esencial Festival Millstatt!

JULIA MALISCHNIG guitar, vocals
An atmospheric musical journey "from the lake to the sea" - an overture entirely dedicated to Alegria. In the first part of the concert, the Chinese master of the erhu and Carinthian guitarist and singer Julia Malischnig embark on a wonderfully atmospheric journey of sound that unites near and far, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Together they discover a sea of sounds full of longing, passion and joie de vivre with their stringed instruments.

Manu Delago Handpans, drums, electronics
Anna Widauer vocals, percussion
Mimi Schmid vocals, percussion
Clemens Rofner bass, electronics
In the second part of the concert, handpan master and percussion star Manu Delago takes you into atmospheric sound dimensions full of pulsating rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes in his new and extraordinary programme "Snow from Yesterday" with the vocal ensemble Mad About Lemon.


Tel: +43 4766 2021 35


Tu19:30 o'Clock

Tuesday, August 6, 2024


Stiftskirche MillstattMillstatt am SeeMarktplatz 8

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La Guitarra esencial Marktplatz 8Millstatt am See 9872+43 4766 2021 35