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Baldramsdorf at Lake Millstätter See ...

... at the foot of Mount Goldeck

Overview Baldramsdorf

Sea level: 584

Characteristics: Ortenburg Castle, educational Bee Trail, 1st Carinthian Handcraft Museum, Mount Goldeck

Baldramsdorf is situated at the foot of the 2,142-metre-high Mount Goldeck, which is an ideal starting point for sports activities in summer as well as in winter. According to legend, the mountain was named after the gold prospectors who once lived here.

Another golden story - that of golden honey - can be experienced along the educational Bee Trail leading to the ruins of Ortenburg Castle. The 1st Carinthian Handcraft Museum is located in a former Cloister at the foot of the once-mighty Ortenburg.

Hiking on the Goldeck
  • Stone "Mottenstein" at Castle Ortenburg
    Stone "Mottenstein" at Castle Ortenburg
  • Ortenburg Castle
    Ortenburg Castle
  • Mount Goldeck
    Mount Goldeck
Winter in Baldramsdorf

Winter in Baldramsdorf

Eight little villages make up the community of Baldramsdorf which is known for its rural atmosphere. Entertainment and a wide range of sport activities make your winter holiday a unique experience. Especially during the winter month Baldramsdorf is a special place for sport fans due to its location at the foot of the Goldeck.

Sledging, cross-country skiing, skiing at Baldramsdorf's own little ski slope, curling and snowboarding are only some of the winter activities offered around lake Millsätter See.


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