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Ferndorf at Lake Millstätter See …

... at the foot of Mount Mirnock

Overview Ferndorf

Sea level: 560

Characteristics: Mystic Mirnock Mountain, Places of Power, Balcony of Stars

The healing powers of the mystical Mount Mirnock can be experienced at the special places of power. The geomantic line running through Millstatt Lake leads straight over the Mirnock Mountain.

This could be at one of the many hospitable estates of the Mirnock farmers, during a hike along the circular Kneipp Panorama Trail or during a picnic on the Balcony of Stars at sunset with views of Lake Millstätter See - Ferndorf is a great place for relaxing and recuperating.

  • View onto the Mount Mirnock
    View onto the Mount Mirnock
  • Stop for a bite to eat at the Mirnock farmers
    Stop for a bite to eat at the Mirnock farmers
  • Sunset on the "Balcony of Stars"
    Sunset on the "Balcony of Stars"
  • Sonnenuntergang am Sternenbalkon - Picknick am Millstätter See
    A picnic at the balcony of stars
  • Kneipp-Mirnock-Panormaa-Rundweg
    Kneipp Panorama Trail in Ferndorf
Winter in Ferndorf

Winter in Ferndorf

Ferndorf lies at the foot of the mystical Mount Mirnock. The village is a perfect starting point to discover the surrounding skiing areas.

Enjoy your winter holiday even at some distance from the ski runs: ice-skating, curling and many other winter activities are waiting for you.


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Rudersdorf 2Ferndorf5,0


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Gschriet 1Ferndorf4,6

Mirnock Ahoi

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Mirnock Ahoi

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FEWO Martiner

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FEWO Martiner

Glanz 30Ferndorf4,9


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