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Theaterwagen in Millstatt am See- Die Wirtin

Millstatt am Millstätter See



at 19:30 DIE WIRTIN

Peter Turrini turns 80! Almost exactly 50 years ago he wrote this play by Goldoni about a strong woman who is obviously a problem for men in our time.

Who is this woman Mirandolina? A dream woman who plays up and down the keyboard of the male emotional scale, because she knows the male sex.

She is a landlady: free in thought and action, hospitable but not submissive, business-minded but not greedy for money. She is not everyone's boyfriend or girlfriend. The collection of rarities of men who flock around her like moths to a flame is exemplary. Each one a masterpiece in his own right. The Marchese, the false Baron, the Cavaliere Rippafratta and the waiter Fabrizio. It becomes an amusing round dance through the board game of love with the name: Mesch, don't fall in love!

A comedy by the Ensemble Porcia.

A small miracle: the travelling stage, theatre worlds in every place and with two productions at once - one for children - and all those who are still children - and one for adults, which will also tell the children a lot! Everything for everyone!

Free admission!



Samstag, 13. Juli 2024


Eisarena MatzelsdorfMillstatt am Millstätter See

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